Guess What's That Sound? on The Morning Vibe with Tremble & Kaylee

What’s That Sound is Back!

Every morning at 7:30 & 8:30 you have a chance to win CASH by telling Tremble & Kaylee WHAT’S THAT SOUND?! There may be some curve balls (to your benefit) thrown in along the way. Everyday there is an incorrect answer the prize amount INCREASES by $103!

Listen to the sound below and call in with the correct answer to win!

~~What’s That Sound?~~

Current Prize Amount: $206

Current Sound:

9/17/19 8:30 – Jordan, Daytona Beach: Someone Getting Adjusted/Neck Cracking

9/17/19 7:30 – Kacie, Port Orange: Wooden Blocks








~~~CORRECT ANSWER – SARAH, DAYTONA BEACH – Long Butane Lighter Being Lit~~~

Current Prize Amount: $309

*Early Bird Bonus Cash Amount: $500*



– You Have To Use Caution While Using This

Incorrect Guesses:

9/16/19 7:30 – Richard, Daytona Beach: Stapler

9/13/19 8:30 – Jennifer, Ormond Beach: Someone Cocking their Gun

9/13/19 7:30 – Melissa, Daytona Beach: Kaylee Using a Stapler 

9/12/19 8:30 – Stacy, New Smyrna: Hole Puncher

9/12/19 7:30 – Amy, Palm Coast: Stapling Papers Together