Kaylee Goes Sky-Vibing!

Never in my life did I think I would go skydiving…much less get certified to do it! But here I am…about to start my AFF (Accelerated Free Fall) Certification and I couldn’t be more excited! For Valentine’s Day this year my boyfriend took me skydiving – and after that I was hooked! Let me say, skydiving is NOTHING like you would expect. The sensations and feelings I thought I was going to have — I didn’t at all. I think I psyched myself up on the plane ride up more than anything! The only way I can explain it…is putting your hand out of the window while you’re driving. Except you’re falling DOWN at 120 MPH. It was extremely peaceful once the chute opened and was AMAZING.

Yes…I know what you’re thinking. The same thing as my parents. I’m crazy. My dad even jokingly asked why I couldn’t take up golf or swimming or something…on the ground. (Ha, sorry Dad, that’ll be next!) But the more research I did and the more I talked with Skydive Deland I realized it was a program that, if you study and really care about, I could accomplish. Plus…I wouldn’t want to get my AFF Certification (which I refer to as my Skydive License) from anywhere other than the “Skydive Capital of the World”.  Let me start by saying EVERYONE at Skydive Deland is amazing. Very supportive. Very informative. And very laid back.

To get certified they don’t just strap you up and put you in a plane and say good luck. They have an AFF Ground School (4-6 hours) you have to pass first and then you go through a seven-level progression series of jumps. You can read the entire level process here but as I go through the process I will explain it as well!

I start AFF Ground School today — and will keep you updated the entire way! Wish me luck! 🙂

Daytona Mazda