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Kaylee Goes Sky-Vibing…Level 3 out of 7 Complete!

Can I just say I’m still SHOCKING myself that I am actually deciding to jump out of a perfectly good airplane?! I will say that I’ve had a ton of questions about it. I can’t exactly tell you what skydiving IS but I can tell you what skydiving ISN’T. Skydiving ISN’T like a roller-coaster. Skydiving ISN’T like The Tower of Terror at Disney World. Skydiving ISN’T what you think it is. It is one of the most freeing, self-empowering, and therapeutic things I’ve ever done.  The bliss you have in free fall is something that’s indescribable. Until you do it yourself — it’s hard to relate to. And I understand that. So until you do that…you can enjoy my videos. 🙂

This week I went to a wind tunnel in Orlando, iFly, where I did some ‘indoor skydiving’. I did the equivalent of 15 skydives in the wind tunnel which allowed me to learn my body against the wind (cue that song?) a little more. Which helped TREMENDOUSLY.

Then it was time to jump! My Level 3 jump at Skydive Deland is the last jump with two instructors free falling with me. It is a jump to prove to the instructors that I can control my body in free fall without them stabilizing me. You will see int he video they LET GO and I can stabilize myself (clapping hand emoji).

Oh…and the video looks SO MUCH SCARIER than it actually is. It is so freeing now — I love it! So enjoy! Next jump I will be jumping with only ONE INSTRUCTOR…on the road to jumping alone! 🙂