I’m Running A Half Marathon???

In some crazy turn of events I’ve decided to complete The Daytona Beach 1/2 Marathon on February 10th. I was reading Shonda Rhimes (the genius who created Grey’s Anatomy) book ‘Year of Yes’ where she decided to say YES to anything and everything for a year and it changed my life. Well, apparently I was at a really good part in the book when The Daytona Beach 1/2 Marathon staff approached me and asked if I would run it.
Fun Fact: If you sign up for the Daytona Beach 1/2 you get:

-Get a free ticket to the Sunday races — The Advance Auto Parts Clash AND the Daytona 500 Qualifying Present by Kroger! Check that off your bucket list.


And here we are. But let me explain. I’m not a runner. Does anyone ACTUALLY enjoy running? I am not fast. The ONLY way I could even ATTEMPT to do this half marathon is by using the Galloway Method. Jeff Galloway created this method so the everyday person can ALWAYS run. It is a combination of running and walking (thank God). Believe me when I say it is LITERALLY the only way I even think about running now. Even if it is walking for less than 30 seconds…my mind needs that motivation. “Kaylee…all you have to do is run for 90 seconds and then you get to walk 30 seconds!” Sounds crazy but it really helps.
The Running Elements in the Port Orange Pavilion (they are opening a store in One Daytona in a few months…whoop whoop!) are the official Galloway Method Experts (seriously, they’re Galloway certified to help you) so OBVIOUSLY I went over there to get some help and to get some new shoes. They are running experts and are so passionate about what they do. Stop by their store, take the Gait Analysis (they put you on a treadmill to run for 15 seconds or so and analyze your run) then they recommend what shoe to run in based on that. 
I’ve been training for about a month and a half now…my average paced mile has gotten faster and my goal is to hit a 10 minute mile by race time. I told you…I’m by no means FAST but it makes me feel good! I’m doing this to prove to everyone that ANYONE can do this. Running is 90% mental and I FIRMLY believe that now. The days where the last thing I want to do is run…mental. Running is now an escape for me. Its a therapy, if you will.
Who knows what I will look like come race day. I’m excited though to prove to myself I can do this. You still have time. You can still start training. Come run with me. Hell, come walk with me. Let’s do it together. If a  half marathon is too much They have a 5K the day before the half. I will be at that finish line cheering you on if you decide to do it.
Let’s do it together. And trust and believe I’m going to be asking for that Monday off of work 😉