Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden Have a New Daughter

 CAMERON DIAZ and BENJI MADDEN started off the New Year with a bang . . . by announcing they are parents of a brand new baby girl.  For reasons unknown, they named her RADDIX.

But don’t expect to hear anything else about her.  They said, quote, “While we are overjoyed to share this news, we also feel a strong instinct to protect our little one’s privacy.

“So we won’t be posting pictures or sharing any more details, other than the fact that she is really really cute!! Some would even say RAD.”

They left out one important detail:  How their daughter came to be.  It seems unlikely that Cameron hid a pregnancy from the world for nine months . . . so maybe they adopted or used a surrogate.

Cameron is 47, and Benji is 40 . . . and this is the first child for both of them.

(Hollywood Reporter)