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A Woman Is Suing Canada Dry Since “Ginger” Isn’t an Ingredient in Their Ginger Ale

A woman named Julie Fletcher from Bolivar, New York was drinking some Canada Dry Ginger Ale earlier this year when she randomly looked at the ingredients and noticed something was missing:  GINGER.

The ingredients are, in order:  Carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, citric acid, sodium benzoate, natural flavors, caramel color.


The can says “made from real ginger” on the front, so maybe ginger is part of the “natural flavors” they mention.  But still, shouldn’t it be a more prominent ingredient . . . at least up there with water and corn syrup?


So . . . Julie just SUED Canada Dry.


Her lawsuit says, quote, “[She] believed Canada Dry was made using ginger root and was, as a result, a healthier alternative to regular sodas.”

Julie wants a jury to decide on damages . . . and she’s hoping to turn this into a class-action lawsuit for everyone who’s been fooled by Canada Dry.



(Buffalo News)